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Why is Fxview “The Most Trusted Choice” as a Broker?

Fxview, a global multi-asset broker, has been witnessing a rise in demand among traders resulting in various recognitions for the broker such as “The Best Global CFD broker”, “The Most Trusted Broker”, and many more.

The broker has been working round the clock to cater to the needs of both novice and professional traders in line with its mission to revolutionise the forex industry. We had the opportunity to talk with Managing Director, Financial Intermediation, Janis Anastassiou.

How does the team feel about Fxview’s growing popularity?

We are super excited and even more motivated than ever before. We are truly humbled that our perseverance has gained early recognition. With the support and backing of Finvasia Founders, we have set our target to revolutionise the forex industry by creating an ethical space for traders around the globe, which will help the modern investor to gain knowledge and invest wisely rather than just trade in one sweep.

The team continues to strengthen and escalate and has intensified work on delivering more innovative products based on Finvasia’s ideology.

What makes Fxview “The Most Trusted Choice” as a broker?

Fxview is a brand built by experts with 13+ years of experience in the industry who made a huge impact in India by offering zero commission trading without any caveats and the idea behind building Fxview is to create the same impact on the global markets. At Fxview, we uphold the highest standards of regulation and compliance globally making sure our clients trade stress-free.

Since clients have always been our top priority, a clutter free trading environment is promised at Fxview. We believe in transparency, be it liquidity or pricing. I believe that continued recognition gives you a better picture.

What role does Finvasia play in Fxview’s growth?

Finvasia’s expertise definitely plays a prominent role in Fxview’s growth. Finvasia Founders are ex wall street professionals, their knowledge and know-how of the market have both been the base for all our offerings.

Over the course of these 13 years, Finvasia has catered to a few million clients in over 180 countries. The experience certainly gives us an edge in the industry and we plan on using it to create more refined products and services.

How does Fxview plan to maintain its popularity?

We are here to make a better trading environment for our clients, and we will continue to innovate and create products that align with our mission. We know the importance of a strong product and active client relationship, they are better drivers than any marketing effort to create the buzz, which we’ve witnessed first-hand with Fxview.

What are Fxview’s future plans?

Ethical trading with no conflicts of interest is a key pillar for Fxview and it has been passed on to us by our parent company. We plan on adding more regulations and registrations, plus more client favourable services like the number of cryptocurrencies offered for deposit and withdrawal, which we introduced recently. In addition, we will add more products aimed to encourage long-term investment.

About Fxview

Fxview is a leading brokerage that offers over 500+ trading instruments including Forex, Stock CFDs, Crypto CFDs, Commodities and Indices. Fxview is on a mission to revolutionise the forex industry by creating ethical products that cater to the needs of new-age investors. The broker is committed to helping clients trade smartly with the company’s decades worth of experience in technology and financial services.

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