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What are the 2022 holiday trading hours in bond and stock markets

Given the tough nature of this year in stock markets, there’s some heavy tax loss selling ongoing right now but liquidity is also drying up into year end. Today is the final ‘real’ day of trading and for many it’s wrapping up imminently.

US stock markets
December 23rd: Regular hours
December 26th: Closed
December 27th: Regular hours (Canadian and many European markets closed)
December 30th: Regular hours
January 2nd: Closed

Bond trading
December 23rd (today): Closes at 1:00 PM ET
December 26th: Closed
December 27th: Closed
December 30th: Closes at 1:00 PM ET
January 2nd: Closed

Tax loss selling deadline date for 2022 – T+2 settlement on US securities: Wednesday, December 28th

The forex market doesn’t take holidays so nothing changes but liquidity will be constrained when bond markets are closed.

As for ForexLive, we offer lighter coverage between Christmas and New Years as we put some plans into motion for 2023.

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