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Wenxuecity Finance, Various media sources have reported on Wenxue City, including the Chinese state media, Beijing-friendly international media, and local newspapers. Most stories are written by Western and Chinese-funded media, with Chinese state media occupying only a marginal role. In fact, the majority of stories relate to topics of special interest to the Chinese government. The Chinese state media appear to be relatively minor contributors, making up 16.4% of the stories.

Articles mentioning the CCP or Xi Jinping

While we don’t find any articles on Wenxuecity mentioning the CCP or Xi, we did find 41 CCP-neutral articles. Most of them deal with political gridlock and civil unrest in the West, like the violence at Black Lives Matter protests. This is hardly surprising given the Chinese Communist Party’s stance on human rights.

The articles on Wenxue City are not censored. However, they are often linked to other topics. The Tiananmen Massacre, for instance, is often linked with mentions of Xi Jinping. One headline reads, “The ‘last secret’ of the Tiananmen Incident.”

Articles mentioning Ben Shu Zhen Dui Wo Guo Gu Min

A recent Wenxuecity finance article referred to a database that matches rescued children with their parents. The database, part of the national census and migration plan, helps match parents and children. According to the article, the detentions are linked to central Party Document No. 113. The government also cites the database to justify restrictions on parental rights to leave the country.

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