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We’ll soon enter the BOJ release window with 10yr JGB yield once again above the ceiling

Eamonn Sheridan

Eamonn Sheridan

Wednesday, 18/01/2023 | 02:16 GMT-0

18/01/2023 | 02:16 GMT-0

The Bank of Japan policy statement will likely be handed down in the 0230 to 0330 GMT time window (2130 – 2230 US ET).

The BOJ has no firm scheduled time for the release. That time window is based on past experience, and its not guaranteed.

The Bank has once again been bidding to buy JGBs today:

As I’m posting the yield has again poked just above the 0.5% ceiling.

And USD/JPY is off its earlier surge high:

Earlier previews of what to expect from the Bank and for the yen:

  • Goldman Sachs ask how low could USD/JPY fall if the BOJ exit YCC (spoiler, under 125.00)

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