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“The ETF Robo was a great fit for my needs”

As part of our series in which customers share their experiences with the ETF Robo, we welcome Ms. Karola S. from Cologne. The 29-year-old opera singer has been using the opportunity to invest her money profitably for 5 years:

How long have you been dealing with investments and how did you get started?

Interview Karola S.

Professionally, I am an opera singer and therefore come from an industry far removed from the financial sector. The topic of investing came up when I first had some money to save. As an artist, this is usually not the case right away at the beginning of your professional life. However, when I had my first engagements, it occurred to me that my money, which was just lying around, was a negative account. I then informed myself for the first time about the possibilities of investing money. Investing has been an issue for me for about five years.

Did you invest in ETFs from the start?

When I started, I researched both stocks and ETFs. However, as a beginner, ETFs seemed like an easier way for me to invest my money. I don’t have to constantly worry about my investments. With shares, for example, I would have to constantly consider whether one is better than the other or whether I should keep it or sell it. I was aware from the start that I would have to take care of my own pension because I don’t expect to receive an adequate pension after decades in the theatre. I really like the distributed risk of an ETF portfolio.

So you tend to think long-term when it comes to your planned investment period?

Yes, I’m taking a long-term approach. Of course, it’s great that my portfolio is flexible at all times to deposit or withdraw money if necessary. Despite the high availability, I don’t use this money if I want to buy a new concert dress next month, for example. The money is invested to lie there for a long time and hopefully grow. Besides, it’s not at all the case that you need large sums of money to start investing. I think the earlier you start the better, because then you still have a lot of time to save. I also think that afterwards you get annoyed about the time when you didn’t do it.

What strategy do you follow when investing?

A lot is changing at the moment, but shares and ETFs are still a kind of mystery for many people around me. Even something to which some people say: “Interesting concept, but I don’t want to gamble with my money.” For me, an investment, for example in the form of ETFs, has nothing to do with gambling. I carefully consider where my money will do me the most good, and that’s a far cry from throwing my money into high-risk products with the delusional hope of doubling it in two weeks.

How did you find out about Raisin Invest’s Robo ETF?

I became aware of Raisin Invest through a recommendation from my family and found the offer to be very serious and suitable for me. The ETF Robo was a great fit for my needs. I only have to worry about a few things, at the same time I understand the product and therefore feel safe.

My decision therefore fell on the ETF Robo with a portfolio of 70 percent equities and 30 percent bonds. In particular, I found the choice of how many percent of equities and how many percent of bonds you want to make up your portfolio very helpful. With the ETF Robo, I don’t have to make complex decisions about the selection of individual ETFs myself. I didn’t feel like I had to read an investing book and go through all the jargon before I could make a decision. However, I found out more about the costs and compared to other products I find Raisin to be very low. Overall, I would definitely recommend the ETF Robo to other people who want to start investing.

How often do you track your investments?

I learned that from my father: Don’t look at the portfolio so often and certainly don’t panic in the short term when prices fall, but rather think long-term. So far I am very satisfied because my investments have developed very well. But even if that is not the case, one must not lose one’s nerves. Better to be patient and wait.

What advice would you give to others who are also interested in investing?

The first thing that came to my mind was that I could make my money work for me through good investments and that I would make losses if I just left it in my checking account without interest. At the same time, instead of working in the financial sector, I decided on a completely different profession. It was therefore always clear to me that I had to spend my free time dealing with the topic of investing. However, getting into this topic is easier than you might think. You don’t need to shy away from that at all. Investing doesn’t have to be a science in itself.

In the best case, you should inform yourself and deal with what options there are in order to make the most suitable decision for you. But even if you don’t want to deal with it intensively, I think a broadly diversified portfolio, as can be achieved with the ETF Robo, makes a lot of sense. This does not require in-depth specialist knowledge, such as that of the people who work in this area, for example. For me it was and is a nice feeling to know that the money is well invested.

What role does investing play in your everyday life now?

In a job like mine, where there is so much competition and so much depends on luck, there is often no security through regular income. Knowing that I am making provisions and investing my money wisely gives me a certain amount of relaxation for my job as an opera singer. Of course I go to every audition and I really want to get the job. But I have the security that my investments won’t put me on the street if I don’t get a job. That gives me a certain lightness in my job, which in turn helps my performance.


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