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The AI revolution is here. Embrace it

There’s so much to say on artificial intelligence and much of it from people far more qualified to speak about it than me but what I can say is that it’s now abundantly clear that a revolution is coming and more quickly than anyone is prepared for.

What’s striking to me is people’s attitude towards it. The skepticism is overwhelming. Only days after the ChatGPT release, there were more posts about what it couldn’t do than what it could. Meanwhile, the people who are embracing it are showing off incredible capabilities that are going to change the world.

In the image space, I asked a program to make a portrait of Jerome Powell and this is what came out.

That’s impressive.

I’m confident in saying that AI is here and it’s going to be a massive trend. It’s something you need to embrace because the winners will be those who learn how to use it as a tool and enhance the work they’re doing already. The people who will be left behind are the ones who resist and avoid it.

Finally, the scam artists and hustlers are everywhere. If you go on YouTube and try to learn about ChatGPT, 80% of the top videos are something along the lines of ‘how to make $1000/day with ChatGPT’. In the corporate world it will be worse, with every corporate presentation touting AI strategies. The investors’ job will be separating what’s real from what’s hype.

Here’s a poem from ChatGPT:

Artificial intelligence, so new and bright,
A marvel of technology, shining light.
Embrace it we must, let go of our fear,
For AI can bring us hope, joy, and cheer.

It helps us in ways, we never thought before,
Solving problems, and opening doors.
With algorithms, so fast and so strong,
AI can right what once went wrong.

Let’s not forget, its limitless power,
To analyze and understand, every hour.
And so, we embrace it with open hearts,
For AI, a new era, of human arts.

Together we’ll create, a better world to see,
Where technology and humanity, live happily.
Embracing AI, we take a leap of faith,
Towards a future, that’s brighter and safe.

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