Tammy Stocks – Facts About Tammy Stocks and Her Family

Tammy Stocks, If you’re wondering about Tammy Stocks’s identity, you’ve come to the right place. Tammy Stocks has six siblings, is 57 years old, and married to Garrison L Stocks. But what’s her criminal history, and why is she threatening others? Let’s find out! Listed below are some facts about Tammy Stocks and her life. We also cover Tammy Stocks’s personal and business email addresses.

Tammye Stocks is 57 years old

Tammye Stocks is 57 years of age and lives in Mcdonough, Georgia. Before moving to Mcdonough, she lived in Decatur, Georgia and later at 2915 Arbor Pl and 221 Eagles Landing Way. She is married to Garrison L Stocks. Her parents are both Christian. She graduated from Columbia High School in Mcdonough and has two children with him. Tammye Stocks has six siblings.

She has six siblings

The comedian and actress Tammye Stocks has six siblings. Her siblings include comedian Dexter Tucker and actor Tommie Stocks. Her parents are Christians. Tammye attended Colombia High School before pursuing a career in comedy. Her siblings were also very influential in her development as an actor. While her siblings have become successful in their own rights, she also influenced her siblings, many of whom aspire to follow in their footsteps.

Tammy has been the subject of much criticism from fans and viewers alike. Her choices on The CW show have not always been positive, but her family’s support has kept her strong and determined. She plans to remain in the Ohio rehab center until the summer, and will continue to update her followers through her TikTok page. Tammye will be back on the air in 2022. Her six siblings will be thrilled to see her once again, and she plans to continue her career.

She is married to Garrison L Stocks

Tammye Stocks is a famous television and film actress. She is 57 years old and lives in Mcdonough, Georgia. She is married to Garrison L Stocks. The couple has two children. It is not clear when the couple got married. Her family is Christian. Tammye Stocks attended Columbia High School. She married Garrison in 1996. She has six siblings, including actor Dexter Tucker.

She has a criminal record

Tammye Stocks is a 57-year-old actress who lives at 75 Vintage Ct in Mcdonough, Georgia. She previously lived at 2915 Arbor Pl in Decatur and 221 Eagles Landing Way in Mcdonough. She likely married Garrison Stocks Lewis in 2002 and has two children. Her criminal record can be searched for free on Public Records Check. Tammye Stocks is listed as having eight criminal contacts in 10 states, including Illinois, Florida, and Oklahoma.

As an actress, Sytch has had multiple legal issues in recent years, including being incarcerated on several counts of DUI and causing injury or death. She served almost a year of a three-year sentence before she was released last summer. However, she has been arrested on multiple charges since her release. Her most recent arrest was in January, when she was arrested for a domestic incident. Police report claims that she had threatened to kill a man with scissors, and she was arrested again in late February on multiple charges.

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