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Stock Up With Larry Jones, STOCK UP! with LARRY JONES is a YouTube channel that has over 618 videos and a combined total of over 36.1 million views. The channel currently has 573 thousand subscribers and has been active since 2012. Its videos can be found here. In this article, Larry explains how he invests his money. You can follow him on Twitter or on his official website. To stay updated on his latest tips and tricks, subscribe to his channel!

Larry Jones is a 73-year-old executive vice president of Community Trust

In the most recent year available, 73-year-old Larry Jones made an estimated $424,159 in total compensation as an executive vice president at Community Trust Bancorp Inc. This figure includes $375,437 in Total Cash, $21,740 in Equity, and $26,982 in Pension, among other forms of compensation. Information about Larry Jones’s compensation is based on the proxy statements he filed for the company’s fiscal year 2020.

He is a great investor

Many people wonder if Larry Jones is a good investor. The truth is, he is a great investor. However, before you buy Larry’s shares, you should know some things about him. He is married to Marty for 45 years, and the couple has two adult sons. Larry and Marty enjoy traveling, skiing, fly fishing, and golf. Larry’s passion is educating and inspiring retail investors.

He is passionate about empowering retail investors to steadily build wealth

In addition to teaching retail investors how to manage their investments, Larry Jones is also a passionate advocate of positive investing. His advice includes being cautious when buying stocks and preparing for major life events. His approach is proven to be successful and has earned him numerous awards, including the American Jewish Committee’s National Human Relations Award. While he’s a long-time investor himself, he doesn’t believe that the current market environment is the only factor that determines the outcome of your financial future.

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