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Richmond Fed composite index 1 versus -9 last month

<ul><li>For the full report <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">click here</a></li><li>Composite index 1 versus -9 last month</li><li>Services index -12 versus -2 last month</li><li>prices paid 9.08 versus 10.19 last month</li><li>prices received 7.63 versus 9.91 last month</li><li>Shipments 5 versus -8 last month</li><li>new orders -4 versus -14 last month</li><li>employment 3 versus -1 last month</li><li>wages 25 versus 37 last month.</li><li>Availability of skills needed -5 versus -12 last month</li><li>backlog of orders -23 versus -25 last month</li><li>capacity utilization -10 and versus -16 last month</li><li>vendor leadtime -25 versus -10 last month</li><li>local business conditions -6 versus -6 last month</li><li>capital expenditures 10 versus a last month</li><li>finish good inventories 2 versus 1 last month</li><li>raw materials inventory 24 versus 24 last month</li><li>equipment and software spending 15 versus 12 last month</li><li>services expenditures -11 versus -9 last month</li></ul><p>looking at some of the charts:</p><ul><li>Price trends are moving to the downside but still above pre-pandemic levels:</li></ul><ul><li>employment trends have been declining and are stating dear the 0 level</li></ul><ul><li>wages have come off high levels and have returned closer to pre-pandemic levels</li></ul><p>\Inflation</p>

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