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Morgan Stanley on Fed pause: “a lot of money sitting around waiting to be put to work”

ICYMI – Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman spoke on an earnings call Tuesday.

  • “I’m highly confident that when the Fed pauses, deal activity and underwriting activity will go up. I would bet the year on that, in fact,”
  • “We’re not of the view that we’re heading into a dark period. Whatever negativity in the world is out there. That’s not our house view.”
  • said the Fed’s next move will likely be a 0.25 percentage point rate hike, followed by a pause.
  • said he is not sure if the Fed will cut rates this year
  • “I’m a little more confident about the medium-term outlook for the markets”

The benchmark S&P500 has found support from lower inflation figures out of the US and the prospects for a Fed pause and maybe even cut:

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