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Major stock indices continue to chip away at the declines

<p>The major stock indices continue to chip away at the declines, but still remain in the red.</p><ul><li>Dow Industrial Average is a down 79 points are -0.23% at 33654.10. The index was down -460.76 points at session lows</li><li>S&P index is down -15.32 points or -0.18% of 4001.61. At the lows the index was down -67.88 points</li><li>NASDAQ index is down -80 points of -0.71% at 11254. It was a down -265.10 points at session lows</li></ul><p>Microsoft which was down -$11.14 at session lows, is currently down $1.90 or -0.78%.</p><p>Boeing which announced earnings before the opening that were disappointing is currently up $0.88 or 0.42%. It traded down $-8.87 at session lows.</p><p>After the close, Tesla and IBM will release the earnings.</p><p>For Tesla earnings-per-share expected at $1.15 on revenues of $24.68 billion. IBM is expected to have earnings of $3.59 on $16.15 billion of revenues.</p>

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