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Legendary Brazilian soccer star Pele dies at age 82

Pele dies at 82 years old

Legendary Brazilian soccer player Pele has died at the age of 82. He died in Sao Paolo.

Pele was not only a national hero but a global sports sensation. In addition to his immense talent, he also had a personality that appealed to young and old, rich and poor with no borders or limits to his reach.

He won three World Cup tournaments with Brazil and 10 lead titles with his club team Santos. He came out of retirement at the age of 34 and spent three seasons in the North American soccer league with the New York Cosmos’s in his attempt to popularize soccer in the United States. He was successful in filling large stadiums, and although soccer has not fully reach the pinnacle in the hierarchy of sport in the United States, it was Pele’s influence that ignited the flame and has the US soccer teams, both men and women, playing competitively on the global stage.

Pele scored 1283 goals and 367 professional matches including 77 goals for the Brazilian national team.

However, his impact was felt beyond the pitch. As an example, before retiring in 1977 in the US, Pele took to the stage in front of 75,000 spectators, and with Mohammed Ali standing next to him said, “Say with me three times now, for the kids: Love! Love! Love”.

What a great thought….

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