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Launch of ‘+Insights’ on Plus500’s OTC Platform

Global multi-asset fintech group Plus500 announces the launch of its innovative ‘+Insights’, a new big-data analytical tool, designed to provide customers with access to real-time and historical trends, based on the Group’s base of over 23 million registered customers. ‘+Insights’ is now accessible to all clients through the company’s over-the-counter trading platform, as a complementary service across its web app, iOS and Android offerings.

The release of ‘+Insights’ is the latest in a long series of innovative product developments making up Plus500’s array of advanced proprietary technology solutions driving the Group’s popularity to new heights. Despite the economic uncertainty dominating the financial markets, the multi-asset fintech firm has seen its H1 2022 revenue soar 48% from $346.2 million reported in the same period a year ago to $511.4 million.

Showing consistent growth throughout Q3 of 2022 regardless of the insipid market conditions, the market leader recorded $709.5 million in revenue, 27% higher compared to the same period a year earlier ($557.6 million).

With a robust customer income, which in Q3 of 2022 reached $149.4 million, the company has proven that customer engagement is the linchpin of its business. The Group’s continued investment in its ESG framework is evidenced by the offering of Plus500’s ‘+Insights’. This new tool illustrates the fintech Group’s responsiveness to challenging market conditions and ability to integrate customer feedback into a compelling product release centered around customer care, education, and enhanced trading experience.

As a result of the Group’s extensive market position and high levels of volumes on its trading platforms, Plus500 utilises its unique proprietary data to generate dedicated tools and content to empower its customers.

By tapping into aggregated and anonymous Big Data based on real-time and historical price action steering the trading community’s activity, traders can use exclusive insights to help them in their daily trading activities and to improve their decision-making, subject to their own independent discretion.

What ‘+Insights’ essentially brings new to the online trading and investment space is the ability to segment trading data based on customizable filters that allow traders to tailor their experience as they see fit. Essentially, with the aid of these filters, Plus500 clients can zoom in on “Top 10” lists of “Most Followed,” “Most Viewed,” “Most Traded, Bought and Sold” assets and which ones have generated the “Highest Profit/Loss from a Position.”

Further strengthening Plus500’s footprint in the fintech and financial sectors, the new release is part of the Group’s foray into the social trading space with a strong emphasis on data analytics and how it can be used in trading.

Referring to the launch of ‘+Insights’ as “the latest realization” of the Group’s strategy to further advance its “position as a global multi-asset fintech group,” David Zruia, Plus500 Chief Executive Officer, said:

+Insights is a significant technological achievement by Plus500, driven by our technology teams, who have developed a powerful engine which that can analyze millions of data points in real time and aggregate them to help empower customers in their trading decisions. +Insights will revolutionize our customers’ approach to trading by enabling them to make more informed decisions.”

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About Plus500

Plus500 is a global multi-asset fintech group operating proprietary technology-based trading platforms. Plus500 offers customers a range of trading products, including OTC (“Over-the-Counter” products, namely Contracts for Difference (CFDs)), share dealing, as well as futures and options on futures.

The Group retains operating licenses and is regulated in the United Kingdom, Australia, Cyprus, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Seychelles, the United States, Estonia, and Japan and through its OTC product portfolio, offers more than 2,500 different underlying global financial instruments, comprising equities, indices, commodities, options, ETFs, foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies. Customers of the Group can trade its OTC products in more than 50 countries and 30 languages. Plus500 does not permit customers located in the US to trade its OTC products.

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