Technical Analysis

KC Fed manufacturing index -10 vs -22 prior

  • Production -10 vs -22 prior
  • Composite -6 vs -7 prior
  • Prices paid +22
  • Prices received +19

Selected comments:

“Competition for new workers continues. While increasing wages and benefits, team members feel that it is not enough. We need relief from inflation, especially housing costs if we are to satisfy the expectations of our workers.”

“Our workload is increasing on a month over month rate with added emphasis on sales. Reducing overhead, increasing efficiency, and getting in front of the customer is paying off.”

“We are starting to see prices for raw materials level off and not have as many increases lately. Orders for our products are slowing down some, but also seasonal as well. Very concerned about inflation still increasing for what seems like very little reason at this point.”

“Have switched our focus and investment to automation vs. hiring additional employees. Process is painful and expensive as we implement automation and try to keep key employees engaged.”

“The retrenchment of financial resources is a huge issue for stabilizing/growing business.”

“Restaurant industry has been hit hard by inflation. Traffic is off by 30-40%, we have taken a position of cutting costs and working hours, and passed cost increases on to customers.”

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