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Japan final Q3 GDP -0.8% q/q annualized (Q2 was +0.9%)

The flash reading was ugly:

The final reading is only slightly less ugly.

  • Q3 capex +1.5% q/q
  • Q3 private consumption +0.1% q/q (down from the prelim reading, check out that link above for more prelims and priors)
  • external demand contrictuon to GDP was -0.6%
  • domestic demand contribution to GDP was +0.4%

The deflator reading was -0.3% y/y. This is an indicator of inflation .

Other data out at the same time:

BoP Current Account Balance for October -64.1bn yen

  • expected 621.7bn, prior 909.3bn

Bop Current Account Adjusted -690.4bn yen

  • expected 354.7bn yen, prior 670.7bn

Trade Balance Basis -1875.4bn yen

  • expected -1825.7bn, prior -1759.7bn

Earlier from Japan:

Note that what Japan Inc. wants it often gets .

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