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As part of our series in which customers share their experiences with the ETF Robo, we welcome Mr. Wilfried G. (72) and Mr. Peter H. (81) from Berlin. Even before retirement, they were interested in financial offers and invested their money in various products. Today they put their trust in the ETF Robo from WeltSparen. Since then, investing has brought them even more joy:

What is your personal story about investing?

Over the years, we initially gained some experience with real estate and invested money there. At the same time, we also made beautiful trips and experienced a lot of culture. Almost 20 years ago, we wanted to invest money in the capital market as a next step and first of all we got classical advice from a bank. Based on the bank advisor’s recommendations, we bought certain equity funds.

How did you find our ETF Robo?

Unfortunately, investing at our previous banks never turned out to be lucrative. In addition to providing advice, we then dealt with the investments ourselves and, for example, sold individual funds again. The papers were not touched for about 15 to 17 years. Then one evening friends told us about their positive experiences with the Raisin ETF Robo and made a recommendation. We looked into the product and spoke to a customer advisor. That was ultimately the reason for terminating our other funds. Instead, we invested the money in the ETF Robo. That was our way there. Ever since our friends introduced us to Raisin, investing has become more fun for us.

Were you initially hesitant to invest your money in a digital product?

Basically, we now have so much trust that we no longer see any risk in it. In addition, it has become a habit to use the PC for banking matters. You wouldn’t have dared to do that 15 years ago. But now we find it practical that everything runs automatically and the trip to the bank is no longer necessary. We have that trust because a lot of people use online banking these days.

With what goal do you invest your money with the ETF Robo?

It makes no sense for us to think decades ahead. We want to have money available in the coming period so that we can afford larger expenses. For example, we like to travel long distances. Nevertheless, we also want to increase our money when we are not using it. Of course, this requires a longer investment horizon. We have trusted in your broad diversification so that we do not have to constantly worry about our investment and still invest it sensibly in time.

What advice would you give to someone new to investing?

It’s never too late to deal with the subject of “investment”. If you’re still unsure about doing your own research, I recommend speaking to a customer service representative. He has a high level of competence and can give you complete information. Raisin seems very trusting to us and has helped us many times.

Dear Mr. Wilfried G. and Mr. Peter H., Thank you very much for the interview!


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