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Hopes are up for more economic support from China’s Central Economic Work Conference

China’s Central Economic Work Conference is continuing.

  • This is a meeting of top government officials to discuss policy direction for next year.
  • It’s a closed-door, two-day annual meeting
  • Its expected to end on Friday

China is in the process of exiting its strict zero COVID-19 approach, and policies to bolster growth are expected from the Conference.

Earlier today we had comments from the National Development and Reform Commission along the lines that:

  • economic growth is expected to continue picking up pace following the implementation of new COVID rules

Further support measures are expected from the conference, hopes have been raised due China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), medium-term policy loans on Thursday. The Bank kept the interest rate unchanged for the fourth straight month, and added in a net 150 billion yuan fresh fund injection into the banking system.

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