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Heads up for the People’s Bank of China interest rate setting due Tuesday 20 December 2022

The PBOC will be setting rates for one- and five-year Loan Prime Rates (LPR) on Tuesday around 0115 GMT.

After the rate on the MLF issued last week by the Bank was left unchanged

  • PBOC conducts 650bn yuan one year MLF at an unchanged rate of 2.75%
  • More on the PBOC MLF cash injection earlier today

expectations are for no change to LPRs.

Currently at:

Credit costs in China remain firm, which is one reason banks are holding off on cutting rates. On the other hand, government policy is to support the property sector, and given that mortgage raters in China are based around the 5-year LPR ther is a chance of a small cut to this.

Graph of the 1Y via

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