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G20 leaders to say: Russia’s war in Ukraine has adversely impacted the global economy

The early communiqué from the G20 leaders meeting next week:

  • Russia’s war in Ukraine has adversely impacted the global economy
  • Many G 20 members have called on Russia to immediately end the war in Ukraine
  • Many members strongly condemned Russia’s illegal, unjustifiable, and unprovoked war on of aggression against Ukraine
  • The use or threat of the use of nuclear weapons is inadmissible
  • Peace and stability can only be safeguarded by respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity
  • Protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure in armed conflicts is a critical
  • Today’s era must not be of the war, all efforts conducive to a just peace shall be supported

Meanwhile will not attend the G 20 meeting Putin due to continued military setbacks (and the expected condemnation from many of the G20 summit).

Putin to not attend the G20 leaders meeting next week

From the NY Times:

“For weeks, the Kremlin had been evasive about Mr. Putin’s plans to attend the summit in person. Analysts said that Moscow was watching to see whether the situation on the front lines in Ukraine could allow Mr. Putin to speak from the position of strength.

The announcement that Mr. Putin will not travel to the summit came a day after the Russian defense minister ordered troops to retreat from the strategically important city of Kherson. The move deals a potentially serious blow to Moscow’s war effort, and to Mr. Putin’s stated objective of controlling southern and eastern Ukraine.”

I don’t think his “position of strength” would have swayed the sentiment much (/s).

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