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Fed’s Mester: Upside inflation risks remain. Fed needs to press forward on rate rises.

  • More hawkish tones from Fed’s Mester
Greg Michalowski

  • Main risk on inflation is that the Fed doesn’t hike rates enough
  • Fed needs to press forward on rate rises to core inflation
  • Upside inflation risks remain
  • Wage pressures are high and persistent
  • October CPI show signs of moderation on inflation
  • Unclear how high rates must go and how long policy states restrictive
  • Return to price stability will bring pain, take time
  • Expects were market volatility as Fed works to tame inflation
  • Economic growth could easily turn negative for the Tory
  • Inflation to moderate, hit Fed target in 2025
  • Fed strongly committed to taking action to lower inflation
  • Labor markets remain very tight

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