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Feds Collins:All options on the table at Fed's next meeting. Supports slower pace of hikes

<p>Nick Timiraos from the WSJ in an interview with Fed's Collins, reports that Collins thinks:</p><ul><li>All options it should be on the table at the Fed's next meeting including a 75 or 25 basis point hike</li><li>It is time to shift from a this really rapidly increasing to a more measured focus, deliberate focus</li><li>Continued to believe that the Fed could slow the economy enough to bring inflation down to its 2% goal over time without a severe recession</li><li>She was worried about causing unnecessary weakness to the labor market in pursuit of lower inflation</li><li>The pathway in which we’re able to bring inflation down…without a significant downturn—it’s important for that pathway to be recognized</li><li>I do worry that the presumption by some that a recession is almost inevitable is not helpful because I truly do not see it that way.</li></ul><p>For the full article <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">CLICK HERE</a></p>

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