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China COVID: China-developed Covid antiviral pill appeared to be as effective as Paxlovid

Eamonn Sheridan

Eamonn Sheridan

Thursday, 29/12/2022 | 21:42 GMT-0

29/12/2022 | 21:42 GMT-0

As China has exited its ‘zero’ policy cases have skyrocketed. While widespread lockdowns are a thing of the past self-imposed isolation and illness have seen impacts on the Chinese economy as workers stay home and others (at the margin) avoid going out and about.

A media report (Caixin in China) is encouraging:

  • A China-developed Covid-19 antiviral pill appeared to be as effective as Pfizer Inc.’s Paxlovid with fewer safety concerns, according to clinical trial results published Wednesday in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

Just as vaccines and treatments proved a path out for other countries around the globe, they’ll do so also for China. More info at the link above.

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