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BOJ October monetary policy meeting minutes are out, no clue to December meeting bombshell

Eamonn Sheridan

Eamonn Sheridan

Thursday, 22/12/2022 | 23:55 GMT-0

22/12/2022 | 23:55 GMT-0

The October Bank of Japan meeting minutes are very stale indeed. The big news from the Bank was this week when the pivot dropped:

more to come

Headlines from the release via Reuters:

  • Members agreed must maintain current easy policy to stably, sustainably hit price target
  • One member said effect of BOJ’s easing may be heightening as moderate increase in inflation expectations push down real interest rates
  • One member said rise in nominal wages crucial for inflation to stably hit 2%
  • A few members said ill-timed policy tweak could disrupt positive inflation-wage spiral
  • One member said while there is no immediate need to tweak policy, BOJ must keep eye out on side-effects of easing, examine how rising prices would affect households’ behaviour and wages
  • This member added BOJ must keep checking whether market players are prepared for when boj exits easy policy, scrutinise how a future exit could affect markets
  • A few members said BOJ must be mindful of how future interest rate rise may affect mortgage loans
  • One member said BOJ must deepen analyses on relationship between Japan’s inflation and wages
  • A few members said recent sharp yen falls heightening uncertainty for firms, have many demerits for japan’s economy
  • One member said fx rates must be determined by fundamentals

Nothing there of surprise. No hint to the move in December.

Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda

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