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Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda to speak Monday morning Japan time (Sunday evening US time)

Most major forex centres are closed for a holiday Monday (26 December 2022).

I posted who is open and who is closed here:

Japan is open Monday, 26 December 2022, and BOJ Gov. Kuroda is speaking:

  • scheduled for 0350 GMT on 26 December 2022 (this is 2250pm NY time on 25 December)
  • Kuroda is addressing a meeting of Councillors of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) in Tokyo. Keidanren is a significant organisation in Japan with close links to Japan’s ruling Liberal-Democratic Party. It provides advice to the government on economic issues.

Last week the BOJ widened its tolerance band for JGB yields, sending a shockwave through global markets:

USD/JPY plunged on the announcement and the swings continued:

chart is from our charting app, which is free and can
be found at this link

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