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A broad look of the EURUSD going into 2023

The EURUSD is starting the trading year with more upside momentum and in the process retraced some of the declines from the EURUSD’s decline in 2022.

The pip trading range for the 2022 year was about 2000 pips which is near the extreme of the low to high trading range over the last 12 or so years.

What will 2023 bring us, if we anticipate a more normal range of about 1400-1600 pips and the rallies are to be sold in the EURUSD?

IN this video, Greg Michalowski of takes a broader view on EURUSD and what traders might anticipate for key levels given an anticipated normal range for the pair for the year.

By anticipating the vision given the storyline and the technicals, traders can plan for the key levels, and let the market price action tell traders if the plan is a winner, or if the vision needs to be adjusted.

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